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TÜV approvals

As the only manufacturer of polyurethane suspension bushings, we offer our customers not only various parts certificates for some products, but also a general TÜV approval, which is based on a material test in the laboratory. So there are no more problems at the HU! You can request this document from us after purchase or state in the comment field during the ordering process that you would like to receive it with the goods.

In principle, the TÜV does not have any specifications (DIN standards) according to which the suspension bushes are to be tested, so that the creation of a parts certificate according to §19.3 is not even possible. In the case of suspension springs and brake discs, however, there are these, e.g. that a certain number of spring loads must be tested and the spring does not break.

Aftermarket rubber bushes (e.g. from Lemförder, Meyle etc.) also come without an expert opinion and approval, so that it is not understandable that testers require an entry for our products. Our polyurethane bushes have been tested in motorsport and by TÜV Austria in a laboratory test, which indicates a high quality standard.

In our web shop, it is indicated for the corresponding parts whether a TÜV parts certificate according to German traffic law §19.3 is included. If there is no information about a TÜV approval, the general TÜV approval applies to our PU suspension bushings. However, this is not stated separately, but generally refers to our entire portfolio of suspension bushings made of polyurethane.

All TÜV parts certificates can be requested using the contact form. Please note that the goods must be purchased directly from us or from one of our dealers. If you have purchased the product from us, please state the order or invoice number directly. If you buy from one of our SuperPro dealers, we ask you to send a corresponding invoice as proof.