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PLEASE READ: Why are some of our products a little more expensive than those from other manufacturers?

Please note that, in contrast to most competitor products, our goods are of a significantly higher quality in terms of material and workmanship:

  • General TÜV clearance certificate for all SuperPro suspension bushes based on a material test by TÜV Austria and TÜV approvals according to German traffic law §19.3 for selected products of the RollControl series
  • The SuperPro polyurethane material is based on a polyether base component. The polyurethane material of most other manufacturers is based on polyester, which has a very high water content. Due to the effects of force and temperature changes, this water content steadily decreases and leads to a hardening of the bushing and ultimately to the crumbling of the material. As a result, the "feeling of hardness" of the vehicle increases steadily over time and makes driving increasingly uncomfortable. Polyether-based polyurethane, on the other hand, has a fundamentally different chemical structure and is therefore more resistant to all environmental influences.
  • Many customers ask us about the Shore hardness of the bushes. Due to the fact that the metal tube (see previous point) is pressed firmly into the bush, this degree of hardness is not decisive, as it makes the bush even stronger. As a result, this value cannot be used to make a comparison with competing products. All degrees of hardness were optimally matched in extensive driving and laboratory tests for each vehicle type and each installation position. If you consequently purchase a complete set, each bush may have a different hardness in order to ensure optimal performance when used in combination with the other ones.
  • The transparent SuperPro grease was specially developed for use with the SuperPro polyurethane material and is based on a silicone base that protects the grease from drying out and thus ensures a long service life of the bush.
  • The helical knurling in the bore of the bush also ensures that the grease remains there and that lubrication is guaranteed for a long time. In addition, this transports the excess grease to the outside when the tube is pressed in and thus keeps the correct amount in the bush.
  • The metal tube is firmly pressed into the bushes (e.g. with a vice or press) to enable an even tighter fit and thus better driving characteristics. With most bushes from other manufacturers, the metal bolts are very easy to push into the bush by hand.
  • Most (wishbone) bushes come with a metal shell (like the original rubber bushes) around the bush, which is not available from most other bush manufacturers. This metal shell gives the bushing additional strength and a better fit under load in contrast to bushings made from solid polyurethane material. Furthermore, there is no direct contact between the polyurethane and the housing, so that - thanks to the metal shell - no lubrication is necessary and no squeaking noises can develop over time.
  • SuperPro bushings are not a simple "polyurethane block" that is manufactured according to the shape of the original bushings. The Shore hardness of each individual bush on the vehicle is evaluated separately. Furthermore, in suspension technology, polyurethane often requires a fundamentally different design than rubber bushings. This is especially the case on newer vehicles where the technology of the jacks is advanced. Let's take the bushes for a rear beam axle as an example - here, despite the different material properties compared to rubber, the pivoting of the axle must be guaranteed. So it is not enough to simply replace the rubber bushings in polyurethane, but rather to develop an elaborate design and to test it extensively in order to ensure the same pivotability of the axis with better driving characteristics.