Delvery time

Since we offer well over 12000 different articles, it is unfortunately not always possible to keep all articles in stock and to guarantee a short delivery time.
Please see the explanation of the stock availability icons here:
Product available from local stock (at ea 1 item)
?Product available from stock at supplier (at least 1 item)
Product not in stock, has to be manufactured
Depending on the parcel service, the delivery times are different. Hermes generally needs a little longer than DHL for delivery. In the following tables you will find an overview of the delivery times according to parcel service:



Germany 2-3 working days
EU 5-7 working days
Switzerland 5-8 working days



Germany 1-2 working days
EU 4-6 working days
Switzerland 4-6 working days


DPD (only available for EU deliveries, not within Germany)

EU 3-4 working days